VFFS Stick Pack Machines

VFFS Stick Pack Machines

Stick Type Packaging Machines: Practical and Functional Packaging Solutions

Stick type packaging machines are highly effective packaging solutions used in many sectors, especially in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. These machines offer a practical use in terms of transportation, storage and consumption by packaging products in a thin and long "stick" form.

These machines usually operate on the principle of automatic operation and place the products in stick packages made of special materials by measuring them precisely. Stick type packages provide a great advantage, especially in the packaging of single-dose products and in the presentation to the consumer. Tea, coffee, sugar, vitamin supplements, liquid medicines and many similar products can be presented in a practical and hygienic packaging with stick type packaging machines.

The advantages offered by these machines include fast packaging processes, low-cost production, long shelf life and ease of use Dec. In addition, stick packages provide consumers with a user-friendly experience by providing easy-to-carry and dosage-controllable products.

Stick type packaging machines are an important technological development that combines practicality and efficiency in industrial production and packaging solutions for consumers Decently.



Lanes Available 3 to 10 Lanes ( Selection )
Machine Construction 304 Stainless Steel
Parts in Contact with Product 316 Stainless Steel
Auger Screw Full or Short Length Augers ( depend on product density )
Control System SİEMENS PLC
Pneumatic Components FESTO
Photocell SİCK
Vertical & Horizontal Motion Intermittent
Capacity 30 ~ 35 sachet/min/per/lane
Weight range 1 ~ 20 gr
Sachet Width 80 mm ( SET )
Sachet Length 50~150 mm ( ADJUSTABLE )
Roll width 640 mm max ( SET )
Machine weight: 800 kg
Machine dimensions: 1100x1700x2400 mm
Air consumption 350 L/min (6 bar)
Power Requirement Approx. 5Kw/h 3X380 volt 3 phase
İnk Jet Printer Markem Imaj
Servo Motor SİEMENS