VFFS Pillow Pack Machines

VFFS Pillow Pack Machines

VFFS Pillow Pack Machines: Fast and Precise Packaging Solutions

Vertical filling machines are special machines that offer effective and efficient packaging solutions used in various industries. These machines are designed for vertically filling products, usually granules, powders, liquids or brittle. Their ability to perform fast and precise filling during the packaging process makes vertical filling machines a preferred option.

These machines are usually equipped with automatic control systems, which allows operators to easily monitor and manage production processes. Vertical filling machines, which fill products directly into their packaging, improve production efficiency and minimize human errors.

Vertical filling machines can be found in various models, which are suitable for different types of packaging. These machines, which are compatible with flexible packaging materials, offer solutions to the packaging needs used in various sectors. Vertical filling machines, which are widely used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, play a critical role in packaging and delivering products to the consumer quickly.

- Weight December: 20-5000 g
- Package Width: 60-250mm (Adjustable)
- Package Length: 60-350mm (Adjustable from the screen)
- Filling System: Volumetric Filling
- Speed: 30-50 pack/min
- Products: Suitable for sugar, salt, rice, bulgur, coffee bean, cereals, etc. fluid products
-Note: The speed may vary depending on the product weight, the type of product and the quality of the wrapping paper used.